about g3

The goal of the G3 truck is to bring Good Greek Grub from the shores of Greece to the shores of Los Angeles. We proudly serve authentic Greek street food as it can be found on every corner in any small town in Greece. We stick to the traditional Greek flavors that have defined the cuisine for thousands of years. Salt, pepper oregano, olive oil and lemons are a staple of the Greek diet. These simple yet tasty flavor enhancers are among the healthiest that the world has ever known.
The Souvlaki pita sandwich(greek shish kabob) is Greece most popular food. You can find these flame broiled delicacies everywhere in Greece. We marinate our meat, for 24 hours, in the traditional Greek way with oregano, salt and pepper and a few secret ingredients. We grill our thick pita bread with extra virgin olive oil to bring out its crunchy yumminess. Then we throw your choice of meat or veggies on the pita and top it with tzatziki, French fries, tomato and onions. Combine it all together and you have a delicious Gyro, a taste of Greece you'll never forget. Try one, we promise you will love them!
Tzatziki is the Greek ketchup, we put it on everything! Consisting of yogurt, garlic, cucumber, dill and a splash of lemon juice and olive oil, it is our go to sauce for most dishes.
The traditional Greek Salad is one of the healthiest meals in the world today. With fresh vegatables, olive oil, lemon, oregano and sprinkled with feta cheese, it is flavourful, light and healthy.